What are the types of rhyme scheme? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Statement Outline

Here’s a rough breakdown of all the rhyme schemes that have been used in the show.

Rhyme Scheme Examples

Rhyming scheme Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples of the show’s rhyming scheme. Please remember that the order in which they are presented to you is in no way canon to the actual structure of the rhymes. I have included them because they are examples of the rhyming scheme that is most common in the show.

Rhyming schemes are basically the simplest way for a piece of music to convey certain ideas to a listener. It doesn’t have much affect on how well or poorly the music is received but it does make the music flow more efficiently. The order in which they are presented to you isn’t important on its own.

An example of this can be found in “My Kind”, where it is sung by Mr. Whistler; however, the rhythm doesn’t work at all in this instance. You can probably tell from the audio that Mr. Whistler doesn’t have much to say throughout the song, which is a shame. Why is the song sung at all to begin with? To be honest, I feel as if this is because that is how the song is meant to take place. Even though I don’t have any idea what is actually happening on screen, if you listen to how it is sung, it should sound pretty close to how it should be.

FAST RAP LYRICS - Twisted Insane-Tounge Tied [Lyrics ...
It’s fairly obvious right now what type of rhyming scheme this song is going to have. What do you think? Do you notice any errors?

If there are any rhyming scheme errors in the examples listed, please make a comment to tell us!

The above list is a complete alphabetical list of all the song titles and characters that have been used in every episode of the show, sorted by season. The lyrics to all the songs on this list have been given to me for free, and I’m sharing them with you anyway for the enjoyment of all!

Please do remember that these lists only list song titles and characters that are sung by the characters, so you’ll mostly only find them on the show, not on their respective DVDs or other media.

And finally, I’m going to list songs that I believe should be in the “Special” category. There are some songs that shouldn’t be in there, and I’ll be discussing why in a future article, but there are two songs in particular that shouldn’t

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