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For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the hip hop artists’ first six LYRICS on their albums; the first five bars of the hook and the second four bars of verse 1, which is generally the hook and verse 1. Here we see two types of rhyme:

Rhyme 1: “Yah got that ass on my side / I’m in the business / I’m gonna be the man / I’m not gonna let them down.”

Rhyme 1 in Hip-Hop: “Yeah, that ass can see you / That ass could see me.”

Rhyme 2: “Cuz I’m tryna break that chain / But for all you girls on my side / I don’t know where I’m gonna meet y’all / If all we’re gonna be is friends…”

The New England Patriots signed cornerback Stephon Gilmore on Thursday after the team failed to re-sign him to an offer sheet that would have kept him with the New York Jets. Though all signs pointed to a trade coming, the Patriots still had to sign Gilmore to a deal.

The Patriots were rumored Thursday to be in a bidding war with the Arizona Cardinals, the team for whom the Patriots just traded cornerback Darrelle Revis on Thursday.

According to NFL rules, the only way an agent can represent a player is if it’s agreed upon between the player and that agent. After meeting with Bill Belichick that day, Gilmore’s agent told NESN that as a result of the meeting, “there was a lot of positive information shared.”

Gilmore, 28, was the No. 4 cornerback and the New York Jets’ highest-paid player on the team last season. He was due to make $7.5 million in 2015.

In the past, agent Drew Rosenhaus has said it’s possible the Patriots could have negotiated a deal with Gilmore and not re-sign him to the Jets.

So how did the Patriots negotiate to sign the five-time Pro Bowler? NESN reported Thursday morning that as part of the Patriots’ agreement with former head coach Bill Belichick, they’d guarantee him the majority of his salary for next season after that cap hit.

“They are going to guarantee this year what they’re going to guarantee next year. This year, he will be $7.5 million, and next year he will be $12.5 million,” Rosenhaus said. “[Rosenhaus] said that

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