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Suga has been at the height of his fame ever since his first official album ‘Gangnam Style’ was released in 2016. Although it was only in January 2017 that he decided to go on a solo hiatus, he recently revealed that he has signed a record deal and will be appearing on more than a dozen tracks with other South Korean singers.

A U.S. district judge has ruled that a New Mexico mother would face a lengthy prison sentence over a dispute with a hospital about a miscarriage, and he rejected the doctor’s appeal.

The judge on Friday ordered Patricia Lutro-Marrar be held without bond, pending her sentencing July 11

The decision is a victory for an ACLU-led lawsuit, which was brought by Marra and her husband, David, and their daughter who have struggled for years with the loss of a baby.

Lutro-Marrar, 57, of Roswell, New Mexico, is accused of illegally selling fetal tissue for research, as defined by the federal research exception to the ban on human cloning.

The ACLU filed suit over Lutro-Marrar’s activities, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Central New Mexico said in a news release Thursday (July 14) that the ruling “marks the beginning of our legal response to this heinous and dangerous violation of our most cherished medical privacy by an evil company.”

New Zealand Cricket is planning to move the World Cup in 2019 to a longer format with 12 matches – a move the government says will help keep the public entertained.

Cricketing NZ is due to make a presentation to the Cabinet on Thursday about the new proposal, as well as plans to improve conditions for players and to offer a $4-a-day pitch. Cricket Australia will take part in the session.

Cricketing Minister John Banks said the change to the schedule was driven by concern about what was seen as too much cricket played in the summer time.

“I think that for the public, summer has become a sort of time of excess and there hasn’t been a lot of emphasis on the public,” Banks told the NZ Herald.

“With the way the cricket industry has been taking off, it looks like we’ve gone too far in the opposite direction and I’m really pleased that we have a chance to reverse that.”

“We’re all committed to putting more in the public domain, including more games. There are games that should be played in front of the people,

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