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Not really, just more “rap”.

How long do you think it will be until a hip hop producer releases a single? (Including songs on any major label release)

Somewhere between four years to a year. You always have to remember that it’s not music that is being released, but rather the artist that is releasing. The “artist” is a part of this whole process. If it was a band, for instance, a new release of their original material would be released in two to five years, then a new release of “The Life of Pablo” (as of now, there has been no new album) with “Ultralight Beam” is planned for 2017. There is always talk of a solo album, but this is still a long way off. Also, even if a solo album were released, the whole thing must be completed from start to end by the artist themselves.

What do you think will happen to hip hop in 2017?

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In some ways, hip hop is evolving. But the thing about hip hop is that as you listen to it, you realize there are still two very different sub-genres: electronic music, and hard rock. Even though they are similar in scope, the difference does exist and it makes their evolution very unpredictable. The same with “rap”. I have heard some rappers with a heavy influence to “rap” have a hard time getting on stage nowadays, but that’s why you need such an event, the stage, to create real impact. So I do agree that hip hop is evolving, and in general people are listening to more sounds, as there seems to be fewer, and fewer hip hop songs in the charts these days. You can argue that this is fine, but it’s just as problematic in terms of the “story arc” of hip hop. I think there are two aspects: “hard music” or “hard rock”. They sound very similar to each other. I think people are very interested in making “rap” sound like “hard rock”.

What do you have planned with Kanye West for the next 10 years, and what do you think of his music?

I have not actually talked to Kanye, but I am very interested in the sound of hip hop. I am really excited that he is not really afraid anymore of being in the limelight. He is at the “stage” now like he was when he was doing the “Signal to Noise” album a decade ago. He

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