Is rap a genre?

I do know that the biggest genre is not rap, that’s a bunch of people who really listen to things like pop music. I know that R&B is very important to a lot of people, and I think a lot of people are listening to R&B when they listen to some of the more traditional music, like country. It’s a lot more common to see R&B in videos than hip-hop nowadays and a lot of people are doing a lot of things that are not hip-hop but would be considered hip-hop. And obviously I’m into a lot of hip-hop.

My own experience is that, for me, that’s always been the best. I went on a lot of tour and I’ve seen more than my fair share of shows. But in terms of rap, there’s a lot of different styles. There’s some rap that you get from that kind of stuff. I’ve got my own personal style.

Is it hard to be hip-hop? Has it been difficult to be a guy on stage?

I’m a guy of great confidence. I know how to do a show. I have a great voice and I know how to do it. You don’t really get to play guitar in a band and scream into a microphone, so it’s easier to make people feel comfortable than, you know, play on a pop song that, for me, sounds like it’s coming from that era.

One of my favorites songs from my collection is “You Know Who You Are.” There are so many references and it gets dark and that’s what they wanted. There were certain songs I put out a couple of years ago that weren’t going to be in the collection because they just wouldn’t be accepted by my group of friends. Some of them I felt was a little too black as they’re probably not black and there’s certain songs that were just not right for this group of people.

But obviously everyone loves them and there’ll be songs that people in this group will like and maybe my kids who live here and listen to this stuff. My kids are going to hear them. But overall, they’re all going to feel as though they’re part of something different, which is good because that’s when people find that true authenticity.

And you’re such a versatile artist that when you’re on stage and you’re using your guitar, it can be quite a spectacle. It’s like, oh, whoa! I’m really