Is gangsta rap a genre? – Wanna Learn Rap God Whole Song Practice Original Drake

It’s become something to associate with.

It’s become a cliché?

I’m not sure it’s a cliché at all, but we’re gonna continue to use our creativity in that way.

There’s people that are just going to think of it as a gimmick or something they like, but there are other rap fans that just want to put in their own spin or take the music in a different direction. Is this what people are buying into at this point?

It’s kind of a question of where it fits in the mainstream conversation. The fact that it’s been so popular in the past year for a group of people, I think it’s a safe one to ask, “What would they do if they were in charge of making a bunch of different kind of music that didn’t conform to rap’s mainstream sound of today?”

Do you see it as a niche or just a niche genre?

I think it’s just a new generation of music made by people who aren’t trying to compete with each other or be the last word. I think that some people want to take it to the mainstream and some people want to take it back to their roots. I’m not sure there’s really such a thing as a niche market for this anymore. You have your mainstream music, you have your underground music, you have your hip-hop music, you have your indie music, and I feel like there’s a great divide that separates those groups.

It’s like the whole “street gangster” type of vibe that you can take from an artist like Nas, but it’s not something that fits a genre called hardcore rap.


For artists, who don’t necessarily have a clear sound for their style of music, have some sort of niche market in terms of how they can represent their type of music?

Yeah. It’s always tough to answer that question because it takes years to study an artist in person and see if there is a true connection. Sometimes we may get a song with really obscure music in it, but they also may have a song that has a bunch of classic rap raps in it. I think it’s just about finding what kind of music fits a given situation or scene.

I’d love to ask you about that. Where do you see this type of music in a year or two or ten years? Do you see more underground or underground rap in music as a whole?

It’s always like trying

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