Is gangsta rap a genre? – How To Rhyme Rap

It seems like there’s so much more to the genre than that.

Yeah. People can take the music that we’ve done and turn it to their own purpose based on whatever the context is. But the people who I want to give credit to, I really do think that they have been putting out some of the best music of the past few years. They’ll always be my heroes. If I was to just stop making music now, I wouldn’t even be in the music business anymore. As far as the genre I can see it’s more like a collection of sound sources and a genre. But if you’re gonna make it your own style, you have to have your own style too (laughs).

I’m curious how you went from saying ‘Fuck it’ and then coming out with the album because you didn’t like the sound, or the feeling, to thinking, ‘Damn, I’m gonna be able to do this!’

That was the way my brain is. I had to come up with an idea in a new way in order to make a statement in a new way so I felt that my message was relevant. I don’t necessarily think I’m a trendsetter or anything like that because I think I’d need to have something else in my life that was happening at the time to fit what I was doing at the time – like a car accident – so that makes it seem more like a trendsetter because there’s not like a whole lot of that going on in the world. I’m just like, ‘Fuck it!’

You’re just the biggest and fastest and biggest, most talented son of a bitch on the planet.

I’m just the most famous dude alive.

You’re the most famous, most famous son of a bitch in the world right now, for what it’s worth.

Thank you (laughs). But I’m sure you could go on for days (laughs).

Who are your biggest influences in the music world?

The Wu-Tang Clan.

Which Wu-Tang Clan album would you say is your best?

Probably The Wu-Tang Forever, the next album from the Wu-Tang Clan. Definitely, if you listen to it, you can definitely hear the influences coming from the different generations in the group. The production and production style – the rapping.

If you had to pick a favorite album of yours that’s really helped you grow as a musician?

Probably, yeah.

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