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Snoop Dogg’s worth is a topic worth discussing all on its own. What does Snoop really care about? What should he care about? Does this person deserve Snoop Dogg? What is the best strategy for getting rid of a Snoop Dogg?

We cannot say for sure, but Snoop Dogg does have a reputation as one of the top rappers ever. You will read about how good he is and how many hits he’s had. But it is important to realize that it is simply not enough. You cannot get the greatest rapper that ever lived off of one track for one dollar. The best rappers have their own careers and they put out songs, albums, and videos. You need to also add another value: The man.

The man is who pays.

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There is a whole lot of money to be made by doing one single thing: writing a song for a song’s worth of money. So, what is a man worth? It is hard to say without first figuring out the man. The person who sells it and gets paid most is a businessman.

Here, we are looking at the men that have done great things and made a lot of money. How many more have been successful to earn that money, but only because they are not working for money? That is a great example of men who aren’t working for money or have a great deal to offer but still aren’t putting out a great show.

Think about music. Think about musicians. Think about singers and musicians. All of these are examples of musicians but it is still about the man. The man is who pays. He is who makes money.

If you are working for money and you want to make a name for yourself as a business man, then your best strategy would be to write a good song for a certain dollar and make that dollar. If you only make that dollar then people assume you are not as great and will not spend their money on your business. People pay what they feel is owed.

This leads directly into the next point on the list. If you are writing songs for money and you also feel that your writing is great then you need to go about showing it to the people who have the money and they need to hear the song and like it. They might be willing to pay more money to hear it, but then they might not like you or might not want to buy your album and so on and so forth.

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