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A bar is the smallest size unit of liquor we use, it’s used to describe your drinking size, as shown in the following chart for the UK.

Beer / Wine/ Gin / Vodka / Whiskey / Liqueur: 5ml

Cocktails: 7ml

Single Shot: 10ml

Drink Size = 5ml / 7/14 ounce

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It can be a little tricky getting through to someone who is single if you have spent the last few weeks being accused of being a “douchebag” and “a slut”.

We saw it last month when comedian Sarah Millican suggested in a radio interview that women should consider not wearing the veil in certain circumstances.

She was roundly condemned. And after a few days of online abuse, she did indeed return from the United States to the front pages of the Mail on Sunday and the Sun – where she was greeted by a new banner headline: “I’m Single Again”.

And there was another online attack, this time from former Sun columnist and TV presenter Peter Hitchens.

He had been trying to get into the habit of dating, so he’d invited a friend up to his flat to do a date. But it was pretty late and he didn’t want to “settle for a kiss” in front of a television camera.

He also wrote: “I’m feeling tired of all these stupid things you write about me in the papers… Why am I a slut? Why am I a bad person? All because of some stupid old woman I met at a party.”

Then he added: “You know, I’m not a slut. You’re a filthy, ugly and disgusting human being whose career you will die for.”

A few days later, on Facebook, Millican wrote: “What do I do now?”

It’s not the first time that she has suffered abuse online for not making it clear that she is single. Earlier this month, she told the Telegraph she would not be going out with any new boyfriend, saying that she had “no intention of trying to go on a first date”.

But Millican, who appeared in The Bletchley Circle episode of Sherlock, was also attacked for not accepting a role in an upcoming TV movie.

Her husband, actor Stephen Fry, had been trying to secure the role of the villain in the popular British soap – because he had grown tired of the

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