How much is 16 bars of a song?

Weigh in on this question to see how we stack up: the song with the most bars at a time (in any order) received the most votes. The song with the most bars (in any order) received the most votes. More options? Check out the song’s chart.

You still might see something you like to see more than 16. Here’s a couple of suggestions.

1. If you’re still confused, here are some suggestions of songs we’d love to see with more than 16 bars of lyrics.

We’ll put you in the game soon, hopefully next week.

On the first day of 2016, Facebook rolled out a new feature: “Trending,” where it takes users’ recent and historic posts and uses it to rank them based on what they’ve posted in recent years.

The feature was originally released last week in a test phase, making it seem similar to what it’s known for on other social networks.

But on Thursday, Facebook began its rollout more closely resembling its business model, with the likes of Google, Google Plus, and others pulling in more revenue from sharing user data.

The new approach, outlined in a blog post this morning, requires “a minimum level of trust,” to “keep Facebook’s users on-side.”

The goal is to “improve the speed and reliability” of sharing a number of metrics for users, including “how often users share things with their friends,” which can in turn yield more “engagement” by giving them a good experience through the social network.

In other words, it’s an attempt to keep the social network alive and make the most of its data by giving other companies a piece of the action.

“Facebook users should get an option to see or not see their timeline data,” said Sean Wilson, a senior director of the company’s News Feed unit, in the blog post.

However, as he explained, “you can only see this data if you follow users,” so if someone follows you, it won’t show up in your timeline.

Another way to earn those clicks is by “sharing related content that you find valuable and compelling”.

Other changes are that people will “follow” posts from their friends, not just users.

This is aimed at a goal to keep people on-side and help other users on the network with suggestions and features by “focusing on what we know and what the world wants,” said the firm.