How many lines is 16 bars? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Lyrics


There are 16.

You can see the bars as 16-digit numbers.

You can count the number of columns and rows in one bar.

The columns can be ordered in any pattern you desire and, to avoid confusion, I will refer to them as columns of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and M. (Note that the order of the columns changes from row to row, as a result of the way C, D, and E are arranged.)

To see this in action, try putting together these lines:

You can use a bar calculator like Mybar’s Bar Finder to count the number of columns in this long line.

You can count the number of columns as you go along as illustrated here:

Using an iPhone, you can count the length of the lines using a timer – a few minutes for each line. Just hold the phone down for a minute, then release. That’s it!

I hope that helps with a little bit of understanding and a way to do some bar counting.


This is a question that has always bugged me: what are the minimum dimensions of an Arduino board? I’ve seen lots of various board sizes out there and some are clearly very wide, while a few are very narrow. Here’s what I have discovered:

For reference, this is what my board looks like.

One of the board dimensions is the thickness of the layers, and there are 5 layers:

I’ve also seen boards made from thinner strips, with thinner layers underneath. This means that the “backing” is thinner, which makes the board very flexible and easy to assemble.

Another board thickness is the length of the traces you want to have. In my case, I have 1.8 mil (0.25 mm) traces for the power and ground connections; I also have 0.8 mil (0.125 mm) traces for each of the sensor pins. That is a long, long trace!

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The other dimensions are the length of the pins, and I have 4 pins, which is long enough to have a small footprint (that’s about 4″ x 5″).

These board dimensions are not absolute but represent what I have seen. You might be able to find some cheaper boards that fit these specs. I’ve had to make a special piece of foam to hold the

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