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No. But it could be a 2 minute song. How about a 4 minute song?

No. But it could be a 3 minute song. Are there any songs which have been used before in the music of Halo?


For example; “The Truth, Pt. 1 (Chorus)”, “Battle of Installation 05 (Chorus)”, “First Strike (Chorus)”, “Spartan Strike (Chorus)”, etc.

Absolutely. Halo is a unique game; music is one of the few things which set the game apart.

Why was the first musical score for Halo written by a woman?

When the music score was being written we decided that the only female musician was Marita Covarrubias from Chicago. This resulted in a great musical score but a female lead.

Why was the music scored so small in 343 Industries history? Was it based on the size of the band members?

The music score was very small in scope, but our main concern was on the score itself. We didn’t want to make the composer a victim for that. I would say that we chose not to work very hard on the main scores because it wasn’t very exciting for us. I personally don’t know what kind of composer we would have made if we had more time, but we didn’t do very much other than do a great job on the main theme and the closing sequence.

Will you be releasing the album and video again in the future?

Yes, but you have to look very hard for them because it’s only available on CD and it can only be played in Halo 2. I won’t be releasing anything else on retail or download.

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The album is really hard to find. Where’s it available?

You will have to hunt down copies yourself because we have yet to put the track listing online. It’s a really big album with so much music on it, and with a release in Halo 2 it’s going to make more sense for stores to stock it if they’ve chosen to or can offer it in large format as we won’t have any of that on our CD. I will make sure that it’s up there on the album in some shape or form, but it really isn’t up to me to decide how it happens.

Does the music have any influence from any other games or musicians?

Nope, but it was all really original. The only thing that was similar was where the

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