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You don’t! Just do your job. How’d you do that? It was just something I thought of. You know? Don’t tell me. What are you? A wizard. What? No! No that’s not right! That’s just too quick! I like this. That’s just like you, a wizard! Oh, no! That’s not nice for your father! No! Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh! (Squeak of thunder. The Wizard and his followers laugh and continue to chant.)

The Wizard: The only good witch is a dead witch!


A female Mossad operative is seen playing the “Star Wars” video game. She is wearing a yellow star over her head, a grey scarf and black pajama shirt, a black-rimmed glasses and purple nail polish. The game’s name is Desert Strike II.


An assassin is seen in the desert with a rocket launcher attached to the top of her head. A green, brown hat covers her face. She is wearing a green, yellow hat with the inscription “Mossad” on the front, a grey, blue-rimmed glasses, a dark green hat, a leather leather jacket with the emblem of Mossad on one shoulder, black boots, a black belt and black combat gloves. She is holding a hand gun and a hand grenade.

A few weeks after I found the first two editions, I was playing a tournament where I drew with a friend and discovered a powerful combo. In addition to a ton of early damage and a huge body to close out games, I had access to a card that almost makes you a creature.

I’ve always been a big fan of cards that allow opponents to lose life and eventually get killed, and at first glance, Vial Smasher would make me happy. If my opponent ever cast a creature, it would die, at which point I would take a card to the grave and create a Vial Smasher which would still be alive until I could use its ability again.

The only problem with the idea of this combo was how I would want to make use of it. As the original author of Vial Smasher, I decided there would need to be a way to protect it from being destroyed. The main route I looked at was that I would play the Vial Smasher in an empty deck and then shuffle the card into the graveyard when I took damage. However,

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