How do you rap on an iPhone?

In our new documentary ‘The Art of the Rap Rap’ we explore the music, ideas and culture underpinning the genre. The movie goes behind the scenes to record new tracks and find out where the ideas for rap came from and why it’s so popular. A film made with the help of more than 10 independent film makers and producers, it will show how rap has become the music we listen to at night and on the radio at work.

How to Rap Fast: Mastering The Art Of Rapping Faster, how to rap ...
Produced and Directed by Michael Henningsen (Omaha Film Festival-winning screenwriter). Produced and Directed by Michael Henningsen (Omaha Film Festival-winning screenwriter). See the trailer to The Art of the Rap Rap below.


Directed by Michael Henningsen (Omaha Film Festival-winning screenwriter), Produced by Mike Bostock (Pavilions).

We are now on film!

As of September 10, 2014, the funds raised via the Kickstarter will be going towards our post-production. This means that all of the film and music will be created, cut and pasted into a finished product. Once this stage is reached, these funds will be shared between the filmmakers, the composer, music consultants, sound designers, cinematographers and sound engineers. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to have a professionally produced film that will help raise awareness of the music, films and ideas of the Hip Hop genre. We are confident this will be a quality film for the masses to enjoy.

How will the money be used?

As we are seeking funding to produce the film, most of our funds are going towards the final post-production stage. This is in addition to the film itself and the post production equipment and other post production resources we have already used. The bulk of the money spent going into post-production will go towards editing, sound design and production costs. In particular, one of the best ways to fund music production is by donating to a musician or producer who has recently released a track or album. These are artists that are gaining success and recognition in both the music industry or on a global stage. As a musician, you not only help out your artist, but also the artists themselves, by giving them exposure and a place to be heard! Your donation will not only help to support the artist, but you will also be helping the Hip Hop community in a meaningful way. This means the community has an outlet for