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I’ll be taking your phone number, as we know how to sell your phone numbers and we can get started. How do I become a producer? First of all your job isn’t to make beats; that’s an act that’s been done before by other people. Your job is to bring some interest to the city, to promote the city, to get people excited. The best part about being in the music business for me is that it’s a creative industry. If nobody’s creating ideas or things that will make people laugh or scream or shout, I don’t think it matters. The music is what matters, so we don’t waste our time thinking about the business. Do you have an agenda or are you just making music? I guess you could say that. I have a lot of agendas about a lot of things, and I write songs. Some people are interested and some people are too ignorant to understand what I’m talking about. My goal is to create a world that is equal to the world we live in today. I want it to be a planet where anybody can grow up. I want everything to be an equal playing field. I don’t think it matters if you’re black or white, or rich or poor. Everybody has a right to grow up to be as important as any other people, and I wouldn’t want to mess that up. The only thing I feel I have any control of is what I write. As long as you want to go to school and you want to stay in school, that’s all you have to do. You can’t ask for anything else. People say that you’re the world’s greatest artist, are you? You can call me the best I’ll ever be, but I’m the first rap artist who is really serious about rap, who is gonna be around for the rest of his life. I’m really working hard to bring this art to the masses. My goal is not to be the best. My goal is to bring this art to everybody. What are you thinking about right now? The big question for me right now is why did you write this song? Why did I write this song? Why this song? Why this song? Well, everybody has an idea, but nobody ever gets to the song. That’s why I’m telling you the story. I just put my idea out there, and then somebody else comes and writes a song. That’s what’s interesting. You’ll never reach me. I can’t say what “the next Biggie” is gonna
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