How do I sell my first beat? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Cleaner Solutions

You don’t have to sell your first beat in order to sell your second. But you do have to sell your first beat in the order in which you release your second. It does require a good deal of courage, but that’s what success is all about.

Here is an example from how I think I would do it. I’ve released a few beats and then it’s obvious that people think that I’m too good at producing beats. But they still buy my tracks and they send em to others. So I feel like there’s something to build on here. I don’t know if that’s what you should think, but that’s the only thing to do until you’re comfortable enough that you’re not just an artist. It starts off as a new start but it can’t just continue up to the top. It has to start somewhere.

What’s the name of your song?

I want to use it when I’m on tour with Radiohead.

What do you think of the new Radiohead album?

I know it’s very good. I’d prefer it if it only had the songs from ‘Creep’ on it. [Echols sings “Creep”] The songs on that album are really strong.
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How is it working on your album with Radiohead?

I’ve never met them yet. I was thinking when I think it’s over that they wouldn’t even want it to be as good as ‘Creep’ was. It’s their third album and the music on their new stuff isn’t that good. When I come to work with them, I try to go to town.

How would you tell the band “that’s pretty much what you do now”?

I’d tell them I feel bad for having to use what I do. If anybody has a complaint about anything on the previous two records, I could use them as a barometer, but what I want now is to be on it. When I listen to “Creep”, it’s really good – very different than something I was producing. That’s why I think I’ll end up doing everything on there again – a full album of stuff I’ve produced, so I can do what I like best.

What made you want to go into DJing instead of making beats?

It’s hard to make beats when you’re making beats. When you’re DJing, you’re in a much bigger building – there’s always something going on

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