How do I sell my first beat? – How To Learn Freestyle Rapping Discord

If you haven’t sold it yet it’s possible. It means you’ve got to go out and make enough to have a little bit of breathing room, so that’s all you’ve got to do is get your first sale over the next few weeks. That’s all that you need to do.
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So I just started selling my first beat, two weeks ago I sold 1 beat, in two weeks I sold about 1.5 which is fine.

Can I keep up with you in terms of releases?

Yeah I can. After every release I’ve just got one last one to go. After a few days it’ll be pretty stale.

How does the music flow off of you?

The music flows in a lot of ways you can think of. It’s mostly just flow. I’ve always been able to just get a nice melodic, laid back beat and just jam it together. I know about this stuff. I know how to mix and it’s just a few things. I’m not a DJ on top of the music system but I know the songs that I can make. It’ll just be what they’re going to need in that particular moment. It’ll just all be music. Just making that connection is something I’m pretty good at.

I see, when I did a remix of that one album I did a video on the internet, I put a video on YouTube of me using that kind of sound, the thing you can make when you play that kind of music live.

I don’t know why it took me a while to do it though, yeah… I did it a few weeks ago but I just forgot about it! I just put up that video, forgot about it, the song played and that’s kind of my main thing. I usually put that up when I’m working on the song.

When people come and play your music, do you usually go up with them?

I might play my own music but I’ll play a few other people’s music also. I’ve played a bunch of music and even though I know how to make music they don’t go up to hear it yet.

Who have you been playing around with lately?

I’ve been into Jus and I love him. I’ve been into him for a long time and then a couple of other artists too. I’ve been just playing around with different things too. Recently I did someone who’s called Samus on here,

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