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It is a fact that the world is full of mysteries. Why is there no life on Mars? Why are all these mountains and forests but just some hills and rivers of a single planet? Why are we here? This is just a sample of the questions we would like our children to ask at an early age. We have created an app, that brings our children from the beginning of their journey at the elementary age to the end.

“Where are all the mountains?”

You are about to answer that question as you will become a member of our team and you will be asked by an expert expert which planet is our planet with the most mountains and which planet is our moon with the most mountains. The questions will be asked with words such as science, math and history as well as the answers are so exciting. Our app will allow your child to go through a trip that can give them insights and ideas and they will then have the chance to be an explorer and make discoveries.

“What is the moon and why is it called the second largest planet?”
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Here is your chance to try to answer this question that has no meaning and is totally unimportant. It is very important if you are going to have a hard time when you are just about in elementary school. There are many of us out there that know and understand the meaning of it very much. And this is why, our app will get started with a very simple quiz and you will then be able to know your answer to this question. The questions will be based on the latest science and will be asked at a very quick pace. You may get a few answers or you can come back once a week until your teacher tells you that you have to give a more in-depth answer.

“Why is there an ocean in space? Because all the other planets are cold and wet. Why do all of the planets produce life? Because they have enough atmosphere to support it”

What exactly does this mean? It means that the ocean on the moon is not only very cold but also very deep and it is full of water. It is in fact, the third oldest watery planet in our solar system. It also produces a lot of the atmosphere needed for our planet to develop and develop. It also generates a lot of the oxygen in our atmosphere and the water on the moon. What it