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As long as you can’t afford to buy one from iTunes. A lot of us get our music from iTunes because we’re just lazy. And sometimes it makes it easier to find great music if you’re looking for a specific group of artists.

I’ve been a pro DJ for 4,5 years now, that’s some years of living a hobby without spending any money to learn how to DJ. My friend and I are in the process of learning how to get a professional gig. Since we don’t have any income, we need money for a big trip so one of us has to DJ on their way out.

When I started, I was spending hours and hours every day on music, trying to learn how to DJ one song on a CD and be great at it. I had no knowledge, at all. After 2 or 3 months, I was able to produce music that I can now share with others via Dropbox.

But as you can clearly see, even with that little help here or there, I don’t play on a big label, or in a club. How would I know if my beats are good?

How do I make money?

If you look at iTunes, you’ll see every song has a free version available as well as paid versions. There’s an option to buy a paid version for $9.99 per song. And if you’re the sort who can get around paying an extra $8.99 for a paid version (which I don’t believe), there’s paid songs for sale on that price and even cheaper versions for free. The whole $8.99 can make a lot of money, so for a lot of people, the problem of getting out to play music to their mates on a regular basis disappears.

Do I need a lot of money?

Maybe not. But you can always make money on YouTube which is probably also the best source of money if you want to make money on your own.

If they want to pay for me to make my music, or buy some gear I’d like to use, they don’t have to pay to buy the shit off of people who upload their tunes to Amazon. I’ll just be uploading to youtube with my own money. That’s all there is to it 🙂
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If they want to pay their artists for music produced, then for the same money as I’d be selling music on youtube, I can also sell my own music there as well. It doesn’t pay

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