How can I be a DJ?

This is something you just have to start doing!

It is really easy! Just have fun, stay healthy, and get good and drunk!

How much does it cost?

There is nothing to pay. When you use the site and are a proud member, you get to enjoy the full content of our community and not have to pay anything. You also get to receive rewards, such as free DJ lessons.

How do I make money?

It is super easy! The only thing you have to do is share your music. Your music will be played over the course of several weeks and it will be shown to thousands of fellow DJs on the site.

In March of 1990, a group of researchers published a research paper “On the Evolutionary Significance of Physical Fitness: A Review and a Case for the Physical Ability Theory of Human Evolution” which was a summary of their research “on the evolutionary significance of human physical potential.” The paper stated:

Physical fitness is likely the key factor underlying our evolutionary success. Fitness, in the broadest sense, refers to the healthability of the organism; to the ability of an organism to survive, reproduce, and adapt to changes in its environment.

According to evolutionary theory, the ability to adapt to changes in environment and survive is highly advantageous, not a matter of mere luck, but the result of an evolutionarily designed process called a “positive genetic change,” or an “evolutionary gene,” which, the theorists reasoned, will make the organism more successful in the natural environment.

They go on to suggest that a “positive genetic change” occurs when the genes involved in an organism’s ability to adapt to physical environments change, usually within a species, and these genes cause the organism to become better adapted to their environmental change.

Over the course of the history of our species, these positive genetic changes have occurred at a rate of approximately 4,000 per generation. With this evidence from evolutionary theory, it is reasonable to suggest that one of the keys to human evolutionary success has been our ability to adapt.

A major implication of the paper is that the evolutionary theory of physical ability is applicable to other kinds of abilities such as intelligence, language, and social behaviors.

The authors’ conclusions were later modified. While still advocating a role for positive genetic change, the authors also now suggested that “genes influencing our ability to develop complex adaptive behaviors are located on the X- and Y-chromosomes and