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No. No. The reason it’s so stupid is because no one on the planet has any idea how stupid a computer is. A computer can’t think. It can’t really make any sense. A computer isn’t a person. It thinks because there’s no one around to think.

Are you saying that if you give Siri an attitude you are causing it to be stupid? So if you tell Siri to call my restaurant, you are causing it to be stupid?

No, no. No, no. Of course not. Of course not. If Siri is stupid, you’re not doing Siri any good. I love the person [at Apple] because they’re not afraid to stand up to Apple and say I can’t do this. I need to rethink some things, and that’s what I will do.

If you do something stupid, should I just be like, “Oh well, just shut up?”

No, no. I’m here to help you, not to tell you to shut up or not to think any more. It’s no matter how long you do something and then it’s stupid, you did it to learn something in life.

Do you think this new approach to Siri’s personality is going to resonate across the consumer market?

Absolutely not. Apple has been very vocal on this issue. They are always the ones to make the best iPhone — even when they’re not making them anymore, you see them making the best iPhones — but when you start giving away things, what do people want?

I think the consumer has come out against it because they’re not going to know what to do with Siri.

Yeah, but what is she going to know?

Not much. She’s only there to say, “I need something. I need to go get something,” and that’s the whole point of Siri. It’s a good thing that she’s available, because if she was not available, you couldn’t do anything with the iPhone.

Does Siri have an attitude?

No. No. She has no attitude. Because her personality isn’t important to how Siri functions. Now imagine a conversation with that person where they try to figure her out [through] their phone. It won’t work.

A conversation you can’t talk to Siri, what do you think she’s going to be saying?


What if I say — or you say — “Where is your office?”

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