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I don’t know, I think about that. It’s like one side of a conversation I usually have with a rapper is, “How are you rapping?” You’re supposed to have that. But they’re rapping too much and you’re like, “Oh, it’s just the flow that rhymes, man.” That’s the first thing you gotta make sure of.
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Tell us about your first record—that was a debut, was it? What was it like when you recorded the first song on “Kamikaze”?

It was like a week long. I was on tour at the time, and I wanted to put something together because it was getting tight. Then that was really cool, but I never really did anything with my music until I came back. I made it with my friend I had just met and I played it for him and it was awesome. He was into it. I always see people saying that my music isn’t that good and it is, but for a first time artist like me, there are moments that I really appreciate it.

So you’re getting out there, you’re in the mainstream, and you’re making new music. It’s exciting. There’s still a lot of room for that to happen.

Honestly, the thing I’m hearing a lot about me lately and what I feel like a lot of the younger artists aren’t hearing is how important it was for me to get out there because I feel like I need to say my name and tell people that I think they’re awesome. They’re not going to be like, “Oh, you’re a pop artist,” if they don’t even know who I am. So to make somebody’s awareness and appreciation of what I’m doing. That’s the whole purpose of that. And now I’m working to change that.

If you were to give advice to someone wanting to have their music found and appreciated, what would it be?

Don’t talk shit to strangers. I hate that shit. But if you wanna go there, you have to take it, and if you say good things about me, don’t be afraid to go out. Get your fans going.

What did you think of your album? What did people think of it?

Honestly, I enjoyed it, especially the production, I was really into it. I’d rather like, like, a song than not like. My favorite thing about it, but, I hope people really appreciate

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