Can I make music on my phone?


When can I make music on my phone? On the most interesting moments of your life. The first song you ever heard and loved. The first single you ever liked. The first time you felt loved and wanted. The first time you felt like you were on the cusp of something spectacular.

If yes, what’s your phone made of? Android

What are the biggest technical limitations for using Google Play Music?

No ads that track usage. No annoying, intrusive, or overbroad alerts. Notifications on what’s new. Notifications on what you’ve watched. And no restrictions on content.

Are Google Play Music and its apps optimized for your device? Absolutely.

Google doesn’t have a single application and doesn’t have one single set of recommendations to make. It’s not a video app; it’s a digital music app. For many iOS users, it’s a bit strange that they get to use something that’s so perfectly tailored to them without having to resort to third-party apps. That being said, I have to say that I’m glad they have a clear set of recommendations out there. I’m a heavy music-loving user so I know how hard it is to find music on the radio anymore. The Google Play Music recommendations are great.

Do I have to be on my phone when I do my searches? Of course not, but I love the ease with which I can search through the catalog on my phone.

You’ve recently updated your music recommendations, which one do you pick? The one that gets my attention is my “New Music” suggestion, as well as the “Recently Added” recommendations to keep my favorites in a safe place.

What are my chances of being found if I search using my phone? Very slim; 99.9% of the time there is a search on Google Play Music.

What are my odds of getting something new on Google Play Music if I search using my phone? Just 6% of the time.
Let's practice! 'LANE BOY' RAP 'Fast Part' Twenty One Pilots ...

How do I use the search suggestions on Google Play Music? Search using your phone. You still have to use your voice search, of course.

Do you have an API card? I want to try out Google Assistant

Have you found any bugs? I’ve tried to use the app for a while now and I want to keep it that way.

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