Can I make music on my phone? – Learn Rap God Song

Yes. You must follow the following steps:

1. Download and open “HipHopWaves”

2. Connect your device, select it and tap on the + symbol in the top right corner.

3. Tap on the Play/Pause/Record button.

4. Hit the + key as many times as you’d like.

5. Once the song is finished, tap on the STOP button.

6. Go to the Playlist or Albums screen and tap on the stop button.

7. When done tap on the start button.

8. You can now view music from the HipHopWaves app

We hope you enjoy your music while using the HipHopWaves app and we’d love if you shared your experience with us.

Thank you,

The HipHopWaves Team

By: Michael M. D’Antonio

In just over a week, the 2012 Presidential Election will take place. Here’s the key vote data:

• Barack Obama won the election, 51% to Romney’s 49%.

• But Barack Obama was elected despite his 49%. If he had won the popular vote and gotten more than 50% in the Electoral College (which he probably would have gotten), his margin of victory would have been just 60 electoral votes, to Romney’s 59.

• A number of people, myself included, have looked at this and wondered whether the popular vote has more to do with the outcome of the election than the Electoral College number does. I am an American, and I believe I’m entitled to call out my country, and this country is no better than the world, if I think it is.

But as a professional journalist, I don’t have to call anyone out, so I won’t. And I won’t try to do that, any more than I did in 2012, when George Carlin invited a guy named “Kurt” in to call me a “dumb f—ing moron” when he was being interviewed on MSNBC, and I took his advice to heart.

Kurt, who is Jewish, called in for what was in effect a rant about what a dumb thing it was to call somebody a “dumb f—ing moron.”

As Kurt pointed out, I’m not just any guy, I’m a journalist — I’m a senior correspondent with Time Inc. who is the youngest employee at Time Inc

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