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I have 2 apps (I hope they will be good) and I’d love to hear your input.

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, October 15, 2017

Best app for beginners:

It seems like everyone is asking me to recommend it. So I guess here’s what you’re looking for.

1) it’s a piano app

(if you know about that, there is lots of resources out there.)

2) it’s a piano app that allows you to learn and practise the piano

(the free version has limited instrument support, but if you don’t mind paying this will be a better app.)

3) it contains lessons

(there are hundreds of them on the website. I think the ones that are free are really good but if you don’t mind paying for that they are even better. I use a free version of this app, not the premium one you have to pay for, but I’ve used a good enough lesson for years.

4) it has great music support. Some notes can not be played, but when that happens you can always find the corresponding song that they contain

5) it’s free

Now, here is the best app ever to learn piano, the free version will help you with just that:

1) it’s easy and fun (so fun that you want it back)

2) it’s good for improving

3) it’s not expensive (but the price is always an issue in the piano world)

4) it allows you to create playlists in the app. This is a great way to organize yourself

5) you can do a lot of stuff with playlists (this is also what I did for years, if this isn’t something you want I recommend other programs I’ll give some examples at the end of this article)

Best App To Learn Piano Mac,pianobasics best way to learn ...
6) this doesn’t have a lot of instrument support

If you don’t want to pay, you should get a Premium membership

7) this is my recommendation

It takes about 5 minutes to learn, about 2 hours for practice, and about 2 weeks for a full score study. It’s free if you pay for full playlists and songs.

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