What makes a piano expensive? – Learn How To Play Piano Free Online

All pianos are different, but there are some common issues that many pianists have.

Most “high-end” pianos have more bells & whistles like a new Cadillac, than they do the more humble instruments.

Some have very expensive basses and even $3,000 instruments.

Most pianos on the market today are more affordable for the average musician, than the ones that used to cost $100k+!

Most “new” pianos aren’t exactly cheap. There are even pianos that cost $1 million to build! This includes those with 4 strings, a grand piano, or an original piano factory!

To find out if your piano is worth your $$$, you should compare it to similar quality piano’s that cost half the price!

One common “trick” to compare pianos is: the price of the parts.

I have seen pianos at hundreds of dollars less, then the comparable competitors. A good way to determine the piano is worth your money in your budget, is to look at its parts!

Most parts come with $100 or $200, but $100 is a good number to find an example: (See the below examples)

Piano Parts

A list of all of piano pieces, with their names, numbers, and their actual value.

A list of all of the parts that can be found on a piano, with their prices, relative to a $100 piece:

Note: Most pieces of a piano have 4 keys, or 2+ chords. I suggest that piano lovers try and find the cheapest parts to get every part on your piano. The prices listed here are just my thoughts on how to compare piano’s!

Piano Price Comparisons: Keyboard & Strings

The keyboard is one of the most expensive parts of a piano, and usually contains the piano’s sounds.

You will also see several strings listed above the piano.

All strings that come on a piano have the same value.

Most of the best performing piano companies sell 1+-3 string instruments, with the most affordable string costing 50-60% of the price, compared to the best strings available for the average listener. (See my Piano Tips and How to Buy the Best Strings For Your Piano.)

Many pianos also have “customized” strings, that are specifically tuned to a particular instrument.

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