What is the hardest instrument to play?

There is a lot to pick from, you just have to figure out what one does well versus one another.

What is the hardest instrument to play?

A nice guitar or bass guitar will be my main staple. The problem with that is I don’t get tired of playing it, and I just do it again and again. That is tough!

Do you want to be a guitar player or a pianist?

I’m still a piano player. I want to be playing when I leave, but I’m going to get my fingers on the keyboard a lot more so I can play it, too.

What would be the best way to play and what do people get excited about?

I’d like to be playing some pretty hard stuff in a long time. A new song, a new album, that will be pretty tough.

Would your kids follow your lead or do you keep an eye on them?

They’re still young, but they would love it if I did that. I think they have good ideas of what they want to do, and I’d love if they could just play in my band for a bit.

What is your biggest mistake?

What I do wrong is I try to do a lot of things too fast. I try to play so fast that I get the best out of something, so I just lose track.

You’ve been featured in some of the biggest music and movie trailers ever made such as the latest Star Wars trailer and I imagine when you finally make your music debut on the big screen it will be the biggest event for everyone. When you first made those first few demos did you guys all think “man, we’re going to make this cool music and play this cool songs, we’ve got a big thing going here”, what was the exact moment you realized this would become a thing?

I remember my first time playing live was at a show where I was playing on my own. The crowd was very enthusiastic and kind and kind of let me stay with my stuff. I thought wow, this will be amazing! I remember a while later we played a gig at a club and this big man came over to me and said “hey what’s this you’re doing with your band?” I said “yeah that’s something you should see! I’m going to be on Broadway in a movie and you go on Broadway and you act like a weirdo”. He said “that’s great”, he really