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“As far as I know, it hasn’t been a hard instrument at all. Everyone always says, ‘The guitar is the hardest instrument to play,’ but to me it’s the first and easiest thing to play. It’s just a matter of getting to be comfortable with it. At the beginning, the piano was the hardest; all I had to do was get a grip on it. But it’s now all right. I can play it with the right speed. I’ve learned how to play the guitar so much better than I was at that age, and I’m still learning. It’s not like if I was 16 and had no experience, I wouldn’t have got it. I’ve had it all my life. So I’m still getting better.”

Do you regret not giving up jazz altogether?

“I was going up to New York and playing the same club all the time; that was the only place where I could really make a lot of money.”

You just finished a European tour. Has that changed your opinion about the US?

“A little bit. I just had great experiences here, but when I was in New York [in 1993] and saw the way they were doing things and the way they were treated artists; it was not right for me. But I’ve still got the same ambition in mind to go in there and get rich as fast as possible.”

Is there any particular reason why you moved away from America?

“The reason that I moved here from Europe was just after John Coltrane and his whole band. There was a big event in New York that they were on, and I was a fan, and I was there and I saw them. I thought it was all the right thing to do, to make an impression on my peers, and that’s what I did. I had the same ambition when I went here two years ago; I had that same feeling when I was there.”

You’ve worked with a lot of famous musicians since you left the jazz scene. Is there one artist that you feel owes you an apology?

“I don’t think so [laughs]. Just the way that he used to treat his instruments, I really felt bad for him. I just love working with him. He was the first one I ever became enamoured with in a big way. You could play with him and I wouldn’t mind playing by him because his playing was so different. His playing was always in a

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