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An Italian photographer is getting to make history with his new portrait collection titled “The Great War: Photographs From 1945-2014.” The first part of the series, taken between January and April 2014, will be printed on 300 prints, and will be on view at a temporary location located on Union Square until Oct. 4.

“A great historical event is always an opportunity to look at another version of ourselves, other things and to share our memories of the war, the way the world was before, after, and after, what this war had wrought,” the photographer’s description reads. “This series will give us an opportunity to look at the war from a new angle, to be able to express and interpret our own emotions and understand other people’s. It will be a great way to remember and the photographer has prepared it that way.”

He also said that he will have a “significant amount of time” to develop the show. The artist says that he “has no idea” what he “will have in mind for the series” and admits he may end up doing a retrospective show of the project.
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“It’s a great idea, and a challenge that will excite me to have the idea, at least for three years, to see these images from the perspective of a new and different point of view,” he added.

In total, “The Great War: Photographs From 1945-2014” will be displayed in four areas: Union Square; Central Park, The Brooklyn Navy Yard, and a public space in Union Square that was part of George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate during the war.

In March, Italian photographer Carlo Fusco released a series of images depicting the bombing of the town of Srebrenica, with his work coming to light a few days after the publication of a damning report about the Serbian militia that was behind the massacre in July 1995. This new exhibit explores the Srebrenica massacre, focusing on the atrocities committed by the Serbian forces and the actions of the European Union in the Balkans.

The photographs by Fusco will follow Italian photographer Massimo Bottura’s images of the aftermath of the 2011 earthquakes in Italy and the 2012 tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia.

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