What is the best free app to learn piano?

I can’t find any great free piano lessons on the web right now. So, I have set up the following list of resources. They’re all free, open source, free to use and most importantly, we’re making it FREE! What makes them special? First of all, the resources are all easy to use: You just click on the resources that best interest you. They can be any kind of music and they don’t include any kind of advertisements or links. The music that you’ll learn, how, where and why can even be changed! Second, the resources are all under one roof and they all have the same goals in mind: It is to make it easy to learn the piano. You can always create your own resources. The best idea that comes to mind is to use the YouTube or Vimeo clips of a great teacher as inspiration.

These resources aren’t necessarily free and many of them require a donation but they all have at least a very basic and simple interface and the only reason they’re free is because they are already free to use. The tutorials may be difficult to follow but that won’t bother you. If someone else can come up with a better implementation or is willing to invest in it we would be grateful.

First of all, I just want to say thanks to all of those who have helped to make this all possible and made learning a bit less daunting. I think that it needs to be said anyway that any time that you feel you are going in the wrong direction it is a great idea to think about why that you are doing that. When you stop and think, you can go in the right direction. A lot of the resources we have listed and added are not specifically free but are free to use and the more resources that have been made available online the faster we can bring them to market.

So, here are my links for the most popular free piano tutorials, with credits to the authors! If there is a free resource that you would like to see on this list, feel free to contact me.

1. Piano Tutors – It’s a fun way of learning chords but also can help to develop good technique and intonation.

2. YouTube – If you want to learn chord progressions, it’s a great place for them and a great example for many lessons we offer. It’s also a great place to record your own practice on YouTube.

3. Vimeo – As with YouTube is a great place for recording your progress, there