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When I get into the habit of practicing the “easy” or simple notes that will be important later in the game, I always listen to an instrumental by a good guitarist (or two). The reason being is because the more complex notes are played, the more the guitar will be in tune when the player switches, and that will help to bring out the natural vibrato action, which usually gets lost with the guitar being too complicated at the beginning.

I like to practice on an “instruments of the day” (I like to practice on acoustic instruments as opposed to electric ones). So when I am playing this game and it’s too complicated, I usually pick an instrument and try to play it in a couple seconds. Then I play the next phrase and start from there and get my speed up at least somewhat as it goes along.

I find it important to stay as consistent and focused on the note that the player needs to be performing as opposed to practicing the notes that play the most in the game (and it doesn’t have to be an extremely complex piece/song if the player can be doing something simple when they begin).

Most of the players who I’ve met are very motivated to keep up their tempo and can hit the notes much more consistently and more quickly if they stay in the game for a few seconds before switching to another instrument.

How long should it be?

It depends on the player and how they like to practice.

A few of the younger players can be getting quite tired, so the longer the duration of practice should be. I’ve had a group of people who got tired of playing a full minute long section of a song and just got frustrated.

I’ve found that if it’s hard to finish in 5 minutes, then it’s too difficult to play in 5 minutes in the long term. I can generally play much more easily when it’s easy and quick, and I get more excited when that happens, so it depends on the players.

Once a group has started getting tired, I will add a minute or two for them to play through some songs.

Are there any other tips that can help me reach this goal?

Practising Fast and Slow – Melanie Spanswick

There are tons of tips, but all I am offering is this:

1) Be in tune (in fact, just know your music)

2) Know your scales, chords, and arpeggios

3) Be comfortable with the major scale


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