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We all love music, but some just have more interest in a good song than others. The more your child enjoys the songs, the more time you will have and the stronger your connection will be. The more they enjoy the songs, the easier it will be to get down to the basics and the stronger this bond will be. The more they enjoy the music, the better chances you will have of getting to go to the next step.

How can you get the children interested in the art of piano play?

We like to get the children in a comfortable place so that they can have a good time with the lessons and learn to love the piano and its sounds and feel the same joy when they are playing the piano. The lessons should always be fun, it’s important that they have something to look forward to.

When do children start to play piano?

The best way to find out is to invite them, preferably the child of an adult. They may have some fun, some music, and if in that case they have a teacher that brings them together for lessons, they may play a piano together too. Another good method is if the parents are in a group at home, and they go to play for a few hours. In this case they usually have to bring their own instruments.

Can you tell them how to use their instruments and how to master their first steps?

Most of these things work best when parents are involved, especially if the piano is part of the household. If you cannot have one parent at home, the lesson can be played with your neighbors, at work or even at a movie. Also, kids do not have to be taught by adults. One child will often be better than another in this matter.

How do you tell a child to be honest with you about what they learned?

One of the main things that parents should do is to teach them how to be honest with them. It is important that they know the truth, and this should take place every second that they are playing the piano or making music. This means that parents should always be aware of what is happening in their children’s brains every second they play. Sometimes they have to hear them say something.

What happens if two children go to the same lesson to learn the same piece and the teacher does not come?

Some children will be able to understand everything, others are better off to listen to the audio commentary and then decide what they want to keep and what

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