Should I learn piano or keyboard? – Learn To Play Piano Android App

No. I really, really don’t think you should learn to play piano. Not only is it too technical and complex, it also limits your creativity and it’s not how kids like to learn. It’s an overly specific subject, which does nothing for their learning.

Do I have to learn piano to learn to read?

No, you don’t. You can read from any culture or book, and read any language for that matter. It’s not necessary to learn to read and it’s not how any culture has learned. You’re learning and mastering the skills needed to understand things from a different perspective than people who have never done it.

What music should I learn first?

It’s hard to know, but you’d have to listen to a lot of music to get one theory down. A lot of people find that the music they listen to on a regular basis isn’t the music they choose to practice, but you only need to practice music you like. And you should always have some sort of music in your car or car stereo to listen to as you’re driving.

Do I need to practice the piano?

Just practice, you don’t need to practice at all. We all know that the piano is a tool that allows you to play certain songs, but you also need to use it to play other songs and learn other styles of music.

Do you practice or learn anything after school?

At home, I really don’t. My family is very frugal and as a consequence I spend a lot of my time away from home. I like to travel when I can though, because I feel like I have to be creative when I travel. I’d actually say that traveling is an important part of my life.

Do you have any hobbies?

We all have hobbies and I have a lot going on. I study engineering for the most part, but I also travel to different countries all around the world and visit museums and I go to the beach. I also work out, a lot. I’ll be at work the next day, so I have to exercise, even if I like to do it alone.

Do you have a favorite music genre?

I don’t really know. Music itself isn’t a genre to me, it might be “electronic,” or “hip hop,” or “rock.” I guess it’s a big category to me, but as I get older my tastes seem to change a little

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