Should I learn piano or guitar first?

No. You can learn any instrument if you’re interested enough and want to pursue it. It’s okay to think that you have a problem with one of these, but if you’re not sure, start with the simplest of games. If you want to play at a good, accessible level, you might pick up a few games, start playing and slowly build up your skills. Just make sure you do it in good and appropriate hands.

Can I play on PS4 and Xbox One?

For now, no. Sony and Microsoft don’t offer cross-platform play right now because of the differences involved when dealing with game development tools (although you can do things like convert games to iOS to play on PS4).

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However, in the months ahead we may see this evolve into cross-platform play.

Is it easy to learn?

Of course not. There are lots of things to learn and things to practice. You don’t need to have the kind of concentration that is required for a musical skill to become good at it. It does take a lot of practice. Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry if you don’t get great results.

My music is awesome, but I still don’t know how to play them…

You may not know how to play them. Don’t worry about that. Learning piano will help you get better if, and only if, you think yourself capable of playing them. If you have a natural aptitude for the instruments, then you will get better. If not, try something else. Don’t worry about it.

Does it make me a better musician?

No. It doesn’t. No one can make you a better musician. If you think that you have the skillset to become one, and that you know how to play certain things, then there’s no point in learning them. You know how to play those things and it’s all about how you use them and how they fit together in your playing.

Are there any extra songs that will help me?

There are lots of songs that will give you an edge in certain areas of playing the games. You could try picking out the best two games that you’ve played so far, if you’d like. They may help get you started, or you could try your luck in a few different games and see how it goes.

Can I use music to learn songs or to get better gameplay?

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