Is there a free piano app? – Keys To Learning Piano

Yes — with a long list of improvements.

Free? Yes — if you pay a subscription to have unlimited access to the entire Internet.

Yes — if you pay a subscription to have unlimited access to the whole Internet. No (yet, sadly) — so far it seems as though most people only download it from

I use Freebird

And there’s a free trial version (currently, only available in Spanish)

Free Birds

Michele Bachmann. AP

Bachmann, an outspoken conservative who has recently run out of Republican primary challenges despite some recent public appearances, told Politico on Monday that she is “no longer in it to win”.

“I have no interest in running for the Republican Party presidential nomination,” the former first lady and US congresswoman said in response to the speculation over her future.

“We’ve got a pretty important job to do in the government and I think we need to win, but we’re getting an opportunity to get out to win this year in 2010, so no I will not run again. And as far as my plans in 2011-2015, that is still under discussion.”
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Bachmann’s most recent comments came after a string of Republican lawmakers refused to vote for her last month after the former congresswoman accused them of supporting gay marriage and contraception and accused them of supporting abortion. Her comments also come following the election of two openly gay, women running for US senate — Al Franken of Minnesota and Maria Cantwell of Washington.

The Minnesota senator said she has already “started the process” of choosing a running mate, although she has yet to announce any candidates. “I am actively looking around for more qualified candidates. The people and the state of Minnesota need a senator who will lead us on a path to solving the challenges facing us.”

Cantwell added that she is currently weighing whether to run for governor again. “I’m being considered and, ultimately, it will be decided by myself and my family,” she told the Seattle Times Sunday.

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