Is piano the hardest instrument to play?

If you can play it it’s pretty darn hard! If you can’t that’s another story. I have played many different instruments, and I have played pretty well when I am a player, but I can’t play piano as well as I have played it. If I am sitting in the audience and it is the same music I don’t have to do anything. Sometimes if I am in a certain tempo I have to change it on the fly, and I can’t do that as easily. If I can play in a certain tempo I do have to do things differently.

One of the great things about playing piano as well as piano playing is that the piano makes up for some of the deficiencies in the rest of the musical instruments. When I play bass with the same instrument or I play something else, there has to be a lot of stuff that goes on. This also applies to guitar and to drums. On drums, what you are doing is trying to match with some kind of rhythmic rhythm, or just be an element of the music without too much. Sometimes with the guitar you are just sort of playing in a way you don’t really think about, but you have to be that element of all that stuff without overdoing it. I think I learned to do this by playing different instrument, especially piano where there is not the same pressure as other instruments.

What did you think about the way pianos are played today?

Well, I was very influenced by the way a lot of artists, especially rock musicians, played. They were playing very fast and there was almost an element of speed. It seemed that it took a lot of effort to use the piano, and I would rather spend that effort playing in my own way than trying to be the guy behind the sound of the piano keys. So I sort of learned from that type of music that piano, while not really difficult, took a lot of time to learn and I didn’t want to do that. So I thought maybe I could do something similar, but make it a little bit easier. It didn’t take many days of trying to figure out how to play it. I learned quite a lot, but most of these ideas came from reading books and then just thinking about them in my mind.

I really liked the fact that when you went into a studio, you would really go in with a specific idea of what you wanted to do with it. But the way I had done things in the past in the days when you were