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[Music] In my opinion it’s really hard because of the way that people perceive them. When I was a kid I grew up in Italy. But in the summer and the winter, I always liked to play the piano. But I always play with my parents for that reason.

[Music] What kind of music do you have?

[Music] I like to play classical music. The best thing for us as a family at the moment is to watch French classical music movies. I don’t know if you know about a French drama about a very kind person in an ordinary house. But what I really love is watching that at home.

Did you want to go to the theater?

I didn’t. It is a great idea…I didn’t.

[Music] How many instruments do you use?
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[Music] I play both hands.

You seem to like the classical, and you like French. Do you feel there is some relation between the two? Or do you prefer some of both?

No, I don’t like them. For me, it’s the classical and the French, like, you know, in fact I’m a classical person, maybe. But then, you know, for me it’s more of the French. It’s very very hard for me, when people, at first, they look, like, my family’s French. But really, they don’t know that we can play music in French…like, I play piano. And we can sing in French too. So for me, it’s only the French and the music. But I’m sure most people that you see here want to be playing music and it’s just a big problem. I like it when people play music though.

[Music] There was a piece here recently.

I like that and I had the pleasure of seeing it. But when we play live, there’s so much music that’s mixed together, I just don’t have time for that. But this one, I loved it.

How do you decide what kinds of instruments you use for a concert? Do you only mix classical instruments? Or do you also mix the same type of instruments you play at home?

No, we do. In the beginning, we would also do classical, but now, the main focus is just on the classical. So we do both classical and French. We try to play French as well, because this is the

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