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Why do musicians have to make up scales?

Most pianists learn the scale by hand in a piano with a piano teacher. The scale (songs, chords and scales) are created on the piano itself and taught to the student through the “hand-on-the-keyboard method”. However nowadays the Piano teacher must teach the scale in a different way: in a software application (like the software offered by pianists’ organizations, and often not in person). Therefore, many of us are working on this very problem ourselves, and have a lot of experience on how to do that, with our own practice system and methodologies. However I do not think this is the only way and a lot of pianists have to use some sort of application for the scales. This is why if a “practical” technique exists, it still cannot always be taught by the teacher. Also some scales and the chord theory are also very different. But in general, this is still why we do the different scale exercises.

The scale exercise and the method (not the scale itself) is just one of many. For example, when playing a “standard” scale for a minor scale (like F# G# Eb F#), it can only help to identify the position of the fifth interval (F# in the example) as it can then become clear what you are supposed to play. And it can also help to improve your ability to play that scale in a specific way by pointing out the mistakes and mistakes, that you may otherwise have made without even realizing that.

Why do musicians have problems with playing scales over a different chord?

We think to play over a new chord in a simple scale (G, C#, A, G, etc.), we will usually want to do two things to get those notes in the scale: (1) a lot of practice of the scale, because these notes need to be there and play them and (2) a lot of practice playing those notes for the same chords (or different chords) over time. Most musicians (for example, if you don’t have a teacher to help you do this) will have problems in the beginning. In this case, simply practice to a low and easy level of difficulty and when you feel able it goes the other way, so that in the course of time you get all the notes you want, or close to them. If you have more questions about that then you may read about the problem in this forum post .


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