Is learning piano easy? – Learn Piano Chords For Songs

A friend suggests some words for practicing piano that are a mix of hard, easy, and intermediate sounds. We hope you’ll find them helpful!

Piano Lessons for Beginners

I was a teenager when I got into playing piano. What did I do wrong? A beginner’s guide for getting started playing piano for the first time, with a brief list of suggestions for the things you’re likely to have a tough time with.

Piano Lessons with a Short Video

Have fun learning piano with a great learning resource that only takes a minute to watch. Learn some useful new notes and chords, take them out for a fun lesson in some nice music, and learn the basic rhythm and key of all of our piano lessons.

Piano Lessons for Teens – Beginner and Intermediate

It’s no wonder that one in three teens has difficulty performing piano. Learn some simple chords, and discover how to play even the hardest chords in our lessons.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption President Obama (right) spoke to Pope Francis at the Vatican on Tuesday

US President Barack Obama has said “the pope was right to criticize the United States” for “aggressive drone strikes” and “cruel” interrogation techniques.

Mr Obama also said the US and the Vatican would be “friends of the people” and reaffirmed the “essential alliance” between the two.

The White House condemned the “senseless killing” of people in drone strikes, saying they could endanger civilians.

And US Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington would be “vigilant” in its response to civilian deaths.

President Obama said there should be a “balanced and measured” approach to dealing with militants.

In his first comments since a US drone strike killed a top Qaeda operative on Tuesday, Mr Obama said they would not be “endless wars” but the US should always be prepared to employ all the tools of national power to prevent civilian casualties.

Speaking at the Vatican on Tuesday, the Pope warned that drone attacks could endanger civilians if carried out too often.

President Obama said the US and the Vatican would be “friends of the people”, but he did not directly respond to Mr Francis’ words in his address to the Catholic faithful.

Image copyright AFP Image caption A US drone strikes militants in Yemen in 2016

In his address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Democrats voiced support for Mr Obama’s policies, but warned that the administration should use its military

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