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No, I do not have any formal training in music.

I used to sing in my first year of nursery school. Since childhood I have always been drawn to music. I would sit through lectures and listen to the teacher’s lessons, and I got to know that she was a wonderful singer. Then a few years after that on a school vacation I went to the Royal Opera House which hosted the concert and I saw the whole cast of the ‘King and Taylor’. On the way home I could hear The Beagle Boys singing!

There’s something magical about this song. How did you end up singing it?

I had been planning to sing the track for about two years but the opportunity always eluded me. The main reason was that I still wanted to write music – but the only real opportunity was when the main song was already written. But I started to write this song when our music teacher, Svetlana, suggested me to do a few songs with my father. They were good ideas with some of the right ideas thrown in. In fact, they were pretty good ideas, especially “Petrified Man” or, “All You Need Is Love”. The songs are all about life’s greatest emotions, happiness, sadness and love. They are all very personal songs, so you listen to them at different places in your life. This song, however, was about one of the most emotional experiences of my life. I am sure everyone who sings this song is moved by different things, but ultimately what I love about it is how powerful it is. You hear it with your own ears and your own heart. We want to capture that feeling, so that we can remember every moment the next day.

How did you end up writing this song?

This song was really written during my pregnancy. Our composer Svetlana came to visit us and wanted us to write a song about the greatest emotions of pregnancy and birth. The song was in the early stages before we decided to share the track. The song is not meant for any particular age group – it is still good for baby-singing and singing at celebrations and other times when you are in the process of getting to know your baby’s emotions. When I first started performing it in the early days everyone said “You have already made a great baby-singing song”. We had no idea what to get people’s excited about.

A lot of people in the world are very emotional. Do you relate to that?

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