Is it hard to learn piano at an older age?

Sometimes it is; you need a really good teacher to give you a real solid foundation. Some people feel they are still learning, but the teacher has been there all the time and has developed a relationship with you that you will remember.

Are there people who seem to be good at learning piano at an early age but they’re not doing so well later?

Often people struggle with piano at an early age because of the way it is taught. But after some time they may find a teacher who has a strong love of the instrument that makes it enjoyable to learn the instrument again, like one of our music director in San Francisco would.

In the video, you mention music director, or music teacher, as a teacher you really like. Tell us about that process for you. How do you learn a lesson?

The musicality is very important. The teacher will have to explain key signatures, or what keys work well with what chords. He or she will then show you how to play each chord from a position on the piano. Then you are on your own.

Do you get to pick some of the tunes?

We have more, yes. We have a ton of songs and melodies from the films. We also play some “live” tunes from the TV series.

Have you ever written your own tracks?

Yes, yes, we have done that in the past!

Did you write the score of your own songs?

Yes and no. We were looking for someone to play the soundtrack on and we were in talks with another composer, so that seemed like the best way to keep things interesting for both of us.

Did you collaborate with a certain singer or artist for any songs?

Well you could certainly say that for the “Don’t Look Back” album. We had some conversations with this artist, but nothing formal. After we met, we decided that we would just release the album under our own name and do a cover release with him in it.

We also did a collaboration record with another band. They were called N.E.W.T. and our producer, Brian Haughel, worked on the album with them as well.

Have you talked with a lot of people outside of the industry?

Yes! But we have never gone into full production. We tend to keep our ideas pretty close to our chests. But the industry is full of people who are extremely talented and talented producers.