How much is a basic piano?

That’s the question. I’m not saying, “The more expensive you buy, the better the piano,” but the more expensive it is, the more you’re going to want to play it. And you want to buy the best, if not the only, piano in the house. That is, you’re not going to buy a piano unless it has every last bit of value in it.

What about buying a grand piano if you only want to play one note and that doesn’t even sound good?
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The average piano has at least four-to-five thousand components in it. So buying a piano that doesn’t even sound good is almost as bad as buying a house that isn’t even built (and can’t afford to pay for it, either.)

Do you have a regular piano or am I looking at a rare one?

I bought a grand piano when I was younger. The day I got the $30K I had been eyeing for a home my girlfriend got a hold of me and handed me a note saying I wanted to buy her a grand piano. “Are you sure?” I said, “Are you sure you want this? No one will ever buy this. This can only be a $50K piano, and the price will probably shoot up. This is an amazing value, even a $10K one.”

That’s when I knew that I wasn’t thinking right.

And yet, here I am – having my pick of all kinds of pianos! From $30k pianos to $100k pianos to $10K grand pianos, which is the best piano?

There are so many types of pianos (including old school, cheap and cheapo), different prices, differences in parts, all sorts of things. What about durability and reliability and sound? I want the best. So here we go. For the purposes of this exercise, let’s call it one-to-one.

How reliable is a brand new piano or one that has not been played or used for a long time?

So far this piano is my second-favorite. This isn’t some super-premium piano either. What I really want to know is, am I getting a good sound.

I would probably recommend a brand new $150k model that hasn’t been played for a long time. That will give you something that is better than 99% of the pianos out there. It has a high-