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If you are looking to buy a used piano, this could be a good place to begin. Most cheap deals for used pianos are for between $100 and $100,000, which is generally an affordable range. For $50,000 or less it might be a great bargain.

So, do you have a budget? If you’re in the car boot trying to decide, how much is a little piano worth? What is a good price range for what you want to spend?

If you need more help, check Out There, which offers a database of the most affordable pianos under $10K. That database is updated daily, so check it often.

A few other budget-friendly places to start with are and The Piano Project. Both allow you to search piano auctions and buy pianos from well-known auction houses.

Are there any piano repair shops in my area?

A handful of piano repair shops dot the landscape, but they will cost a pretty penny. I’ve also discovered that most of them are operated as cons.

While online catalogs such as Craigslist sell most of their inventory on credit, they are not very reliable, so check a website like for any offers before spending big. Be careful — it’s not uncommon for a piano to be in the auction, and for a lot of it to be out for sale soon after.

You are free to decide whether you want to buy one and take full ownership, just like you do with any used car.

And, to think, one of the most exciting piano playing experiences is the one you develop while you study music and play with instruments. But piano repair won’t change that experience; it will make it more enjoyable.

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