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Your app is free, right? You don’t need to spend money at Flowkey because your app is already free. But what if you have an idea or are making a product for other platforms (social, mobile, etc.)? You can also buy a commercial license at a one time cost of $99/month. The revenue generated from these apps is used to fund Flowkey.

The app works out of the box, you just need to put in your credit card details and your account will be setup and you will see all your transactions for FREE. No further login, no more fiddling with credentials and no more hassle. This is a way to give your users a direct experience. That way they will start using Flowkey right away.

Here’s a more in-depth introduction to Flowkey:

You can also follow @Flowkey app on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well.

The Flowkey team is always happy to hear your feedback about Flowkey or any Flowkey related things, please email us.

A new research report released this week finds that “the majority of millennials in the United States do not have a college degree.” The numbers are even worse in California (52%), Illinois (66%) and Florida (70%) — states that are home to many college graduates seeking jobs.

But a closer look at the survey data revealed some interesting findings as to why millennial workers aren’t in as high demand as other generations.

A recent Pew Research Center report notes that while young adults are finding jobs in a variety of positions, there aren’t many more available positions among millennials. “The vast majority — 77 percent — of millennials who’ve been with their current employer for 10 months or less have jobs that require some college degree or a high school diploma, compared with only a quarter of current employees in the entire work force, and less than one in seven people in the general population,” says the report.

The researchers also note a difference in age at which millennials are beginning a job hunt. Those 18 to 34 years old are more likely than anyone in the general population to be looking for work right now and for the first time are actually paying more attention to the jobs marketplace.

Young workers also lag far behind those of older generations in finding and keeping jobs, as Pew notes:

While millennials are relatively young, they also tend to be among the youngest workers in the nation. This could help explain how they are more

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