How many years will it take to learn violin? – Piano Learning Process

And how much would you really pay?

This is a question for the musician and aspiring music student who is curious about how much more expensive music can become when you learn to play the instrument.

According to a new paper in Trends in Music Education, it’s possible to learn even more money (or less) playing, say, a violin.

Using the “Viola Scale” – one of the hardest scales to play – the researchers tested how hard it would be to learn to play the violin. Each piece was played four times: twice with white strings and again with black strings. They found that learning the scale took about two months longer than playing two pieces of the same music for the same size orchestra.

As for the average amount of playing time, it seems that some people are able to learn to play music for an hour, while others might need a week.

According to the study, playing for longer periods of time could take about 10 years longer than learning two pieces of the same music for the same size orchestra.

The study was inspired by a question asked in a poll about how to learn to play music by the music teachers of a local choir. The response was that if teachers offered a free lesson, it would certainly take less time than learning two pieces of music.

But, because the survey was limited to a single school, the researchers believe that most schools may not want to take such drastic measures.

“It’s important and exciting to learn that the amount of time a student might spend learning may be more important than average time spent learning,” said lead author Daniela Vazquez, an assistant professor of psychology at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John. “Although this is the case for most learners we interviewed, it does raise some interesting questions, such as how much more expensive would it be if an instrument is available for free?”

She added that it is possible to make more money learning music: “I believe that it is possible and realistic for people who desire to learn violin to do so in any length of time that a student could be afforded.”

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