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It will be around ten. It will be around ten. It will be around ten. Now, I’ve got these instruments.

You think, I’ve got this piece. We can learn this as children. I can show it to a musician. Now what’s the time?

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Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen.


Ten, twelve, thirteen, fourteen.

Okay, we’ve got it all down at last.

Well, thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. You’re a very good teacher.

Thank you very, very much, Mr. Chairman. I’m very much grateful for the time spent with me today.

I would be interested to know if you were able to find, Mr. Chairman, any other members of the panel who are not members of the State Department that have not been present?

Is there any other Member of the Committee who was not present today if you have any, Mr. Chairman?


Would you care to name me.


Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today as well as for your kindness to me in my presentation. As you know, in the course of your investigation in May of 1997, the Committee requested that me, Ms. Myers, present this report before the Committee to provide information, as a result of my work with the Secretary’s Foreign Affairs Staff on the issues contained within. As noted by the Committee, we were seeking that information in accordance with the provisions in the Presidential Records Act of 1974 as set forth in Public Law 98-722, as amended. That means that we were seeking information about the records of the President’s Foreign Affairs Staff from February 1964 through January 1967, specifically, records of meetings between members of the President’s Foreign Affairs Staff and the White House staff, including the Secretary’s staff and his close aides on a daily basis at White House daily, and those meetings which included staff and White House officials.

On October 29, 1997, I was contacted by the Secretary’s staff to obtain the President’s Presidential Records, including a copy of White House and State Department records relating to the Secretary, if known, as well as White House and State Department records related to the President’s aides and advisors, if known.

On October 29, I again contacted the Secretary’s staff, and again was referred to the Federal Records Management Service (FRMS), but I was told that my requests were

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