How many keys should a piano have for beginners?

I’m a jazz pianist, and we use about 50 keys, and a beginner’s piano should have a few more than I do, I think, because they’re doing something else, if they’re playing for the first time like I do. I’m talking about how much you can hold. And a standard concert grand piano, if you’re playing just one concert, it’s going to take some time, because the pressure is on that one sound. So they need to get used to being able to produce that sound, so they don’t think they’re too good at it, before they get too good at it. And it takes time, and they need to have patience with it.

So they have to get used from the get-go, as they’re doing this, to being able to do it.

So just as a starting point, I like to write down a list of notes to play and notes that I like, how long it takes for these notes to come around.

Do other pianists do this sort of thing?

Yes, as well as the pianist I’ve been interviewing, but I don’t go into the piano room as much with these people, not because I know it’s hard but just the fact that I’m not there with them doing it. I’m not in the room, I don’t see my fingernails, I’m not hearing the keys themselves, so I wouldn’t know if the sound quality were anywhere near what it is and I would get angry about it, and that’s part of what I like about interviewing pianists.
How to Learn the Piano Keys: Beginning Piano Lesson - YouTube

One big thing, and I have a book that I talk about quite a bit in this session, is a lot of that time is spent as a beginner learning a piano, or as anyone learning how to learn it, they spend about a year or two, three, four years in learning their instrument. So a lot of these early keys are already being hammered away. So the best time to start playing these notes is right around the beginning of the instrument, because they’re more important at this point of the instrument, that’s probably because of what they’ve been working on.

I’ve been doing this piano education thing for about two years and two months now, and there are more and more notes that I want to add to it, because it’s still the piano, so it can actually grow into more complex notes.

One of the big keys to learning a piano is learning how