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There are 9 keys on a piano, the “A” stands for the first finger, “B” for the middle two fingers, “C” for the ring finger, “D” for the little finger, but most often they are called “1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th” but some piano manufacturers don’t list which keys have these numbers in the names (e.g. Eb, Bb, etc…), or don’t list certain keys in names (e.g. F, G, C, D, etc…).

Is there a piano or organ on the left-hand side?

Sometimes the first row of keys on a keyboard is called the “A”, sometimes the keyboard has the “B” in the middle. Also the key names are sometimes sometimes reversed (e.g. “D” on the left, “E”, “B”, “A”…).

When a piano is being built, how are the keys named?

If an instrument of wood, wood-plank, or wood block is being made, the piano keys are named by a name that is a combination of a wood block name (e.g. S), wood or board name (e.g. S-Eb) and the wood or board type of the piano (e.g. “Eb” or “Perc”. But you still need a special designation for “S”, “P”) “S” with a bar underneath it is the wood block and “P” with a bar underneath is the piano. The name “B” for the first two fingers has to be special if you choose to use it, as the “A” is there all the time and that is what you would say a “Perc”.

Do piano keys always have a number next to them instead of a name that has some special meaning?

Yes. But this is the standard naming system. There are many reasons why piano keys are called by particular names, but there is only one standard naming scheme. The name is the reason you call a piano by a particular name. If you see a piano with a different name that is the standard naming system, just take it to a different piano shop.

What will the piano keys sound like when you do something with a piano?

Each key has a specific sound; it has its own sound, and depending on the piano, the sound it makes may be different or the same. The

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