How many hours a week should I practice piano?

How much money should I save?

How should I spend the money?

What am I going to do with the money?

Should I be rich?

What is my best use for the money?

How do I handle this money?

What am I going through right now?

Do I have anything valuable to give these people?

Am I really ready to give these people anything?

Can I really see into my past?

What do these people need?

How do I deal with this person right now?

Are there any other ways I could deal with this particular situation right now?

What is the best strategy for dealing with the situation?

How will they know I actually cared about them at the time?

Am I really ready to do this?

If you could have made three decisions for tomorrow, which would they be and why?

How can we get past the guilt of making these bad decisions?

What is my plan to overcome this and how do I get past my fear?

How does my decision making process work in this?

How can we really make these people feel comfortable?

Can we really love another person?

How do we find our purpose and make it a reality?

If I don’t give up, how long is too long?

If I were the devil, how can I get your sympathy?

If I just wanted to save money, how long would it take me to do my best for you?

What was my biggest mistake in this?

In what situations do you feel guilty most?

What is your biggest issue right now?

What would this thing look like if I had my time again?

Is it possible for me to love more than one person at a time?

How can I tell which of these feelings I need help feeling?

When will you help me?

What do you mean when you ask this?

Can I be happy at all if I am not giving my best to someone?

Who is this for?

Who would I be if there were no more people like me?

What do you really need?

Are there any other ways I could help this person right now?

Can I really see into the past?

Does it look like my thoughts are just making it worse?