How many hours a day should I practice piano? – Keys To Learning Piano

When I started piano lessons in the late 60’s I remember learning to play piano from 5 to 10 hours per day, usually in the evening around 8-9. Today, I find it much lower. I have a very regular rhythm, and often start practice as soon as the day ends. The more you practice (you should) the more rhythm you have.

I have some tips to practice the piano more, you should.

My advice is that if you think you have very good rhythm you can practice the piano more than ten hours a day, and that you can do two pieces of music a day, but one in the morning before 8 (or after 4) and another in the middle of the night (even after 8 or after 4) . Just make sure you take as few breaks as possible.

Practice the piano with the same set of fingers. If you have very fine skills you will know to stop when there is an error because you get used to the difference between perfect and a little bit better. So when you are practicing you should try to take as many breaks between pieces as you can. You should not be a slave to your set.

Practice a minimum of 5 music pieces per day. When I started piano lessons I had so many pieces of music I was not able to play all of them so I stopped when I got tired. Now it is normal to practice just a little bit more. You need good rhythmic awareness and you need good technique. If you are not good at making the right note at the right moment you will fall. Do not rush! Do your thing. Take your time, do not rush to beat the day until you get your rhythm right, it will take a while. It is normal to practise a little less. It will take some time to get good, and it will take more time to improve to the perfect level, so do not underestimate how long it will take you to improve.

I am learning three pieces of music a day and can usually play one of them perfectly. That makes me a professional playing pianist.

I think you can do three pieces a day, but you need to practise at least 5 times more than that if you want this level.

Play the piano as long as you can, but have patience, do not practise over and over if you do not like it. It takes a while to get good. You have to have the rhythm and the right note or it won’t work.

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